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Thứ Ba, 22 tháng 7, 2014

Học tiếng Anh với Adjectives for Feelings

Adjectives for Feelings

Hoang mang
After hearing the news, He was just standing there, turning this way and that. He felt really bewildered.

Ngứa ngáy
If you feel itchy all over and you live in a dry climate, you may have “winter itch” caused by the lack of moisture in your skin.

Bồn chồn, lo sợ
Mild hypoglycemia can make you feel hungry or like you want to vomit. You could also feel jittery or nervous. Your heart may beat fast.

Hân hoan, hãnh diện, phấn khởi
I feel elated on this memorable day of our Champion League victory. God has been kind to us. It has been a great team effort.

Nhẹ nhõm, bớt căng thẳng
How are you feeling just after breaking up with your ex? There may be two different kinds of feelings going on in you. You may be feeling very sad or you may be feeling very relieved.

Mệt mỏi, mệt rã rời
After taking some medicine, I felt dizzy and weary and fell to the ground. The police found me and took me to an emergency room.

Hốt hoảng
Feeling panicky? The best way to make you calm down is take deep breaths and sit down. This is the best therapy for you because it has immediate effect.

Ớn lạnh, rùng mình
It's not uncommon to feel a little chilly after eating or drinking cold foods, but severe chills including shivering whenever you eat is big problem.

Bị giật mình
She is startled when John suddenly appears from behind her because she thought he went to the hospital to bring baby Jessica home.

Bị đơ người, tê liệt
Sometimes, just before I fall asleep, I feel paralyzed. I can think, but I can't take in air, and when I think about moving, my body won't respond.

Được vỡ vạc, sáng tỏ
Since I started dreaming, I have been searching for answers to the meanings of those dreams. After reading some explanations, I feel enlightened now.

Creeped out:
/ˈkriːpt aʊt/
Sởn gai ốc

This is one of the top 50 scariest movies of all time. The scene when the killer jumps out and kills the police makes me feel screeped out. I couldn’t sleep for a week.

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